Airistech Q-Tip - Dry Herb Vaporiser

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The Airis Q-Tip Vape Pen employs a cutting-edge fritted glass quartz atomizer with Q-Cell heating technology to efficiently heat concentrates at the touch of a button, delivering a quality flavor like you've never experienced before.

Inside every Q-Tip Vaporizer Kit you will find two of these Q-Cell Atomizers, they are completely removable/replaceable to keep things cost-effective. Each one sports a fritted surface that increases surface area for greater efficiency and an entirely new level of flavor.

The fritted quartz element is fixed within a deep glass quartz chamber that you will pack your material into. After heating your vapor passes through an all glass tube and food grade ceramic mouthpiece, the entire pathway is kept pure to preserve that delicious quality of flavor.

Airistech includes the Q-Tip 650mAh Lithium-ion battery that will power the atomizer. Using this device is quite easy, everything is operated through one control button making it great for easy travel use. Press it rapidly five times to power it on or off and while on press/hold to heat your material for up to 10 seconds at a time.

There is an LED light that indicates step of the way through a series of different colors and light patterns. After powering on you will notice a flash, when the device is firing it will shine solid, low battery is indicated by 8 flashes, it will shine green while charging and eventually turn off when it is fully charged.

Airistech's Q-Tip Vaporizer makes enjoying your concentrates on the go as pleasurable as it is at home. With the powerful, potent flavor producing Q-Cell atomizer packed into an easy to use and stealthy pen style package, it is guaranteed to impress!

Features & Specs
  • Genuine Airistech Brand Guaranteed
  • Premium Concentrate Pen Vaporizer with Cutting-edge Q-Cell Technology
  • Discreet, Lightweight and Effective
  • Dimensions: 140mm x 14mm x 14mm
  • Removable/Replaceable Glass Quartz Atomizers (Two included)
  • Innovative Fritted Glass Quartz Creates More Surface Area for Improved Performance
  • Offers Increased Absorption for Better Flavor Quality and Thicker Vapor
  • All Glass Vapor Path with Food Grade Ceramic Mouthpiece for Pure Flavor
  • Premium Glass Quartz Element/Chamber
  • All Glass Atomizer Tube: Easy to Clean
  • Ceramic Mouthpiece Prevents Overheating
  • Long-lasting 650mAh Lithium-ion Battery
  • Easy One Button Control Key: Perfect for Beginners/Discreet Travel Use
  • Ultra Convenient USB Charging Method
  • Universal 510 Threaded Connection
  • LED Power Light Indicator: 8 Flashes for Low Battery / Green while charging, powers off when finished
  • Packing Tool and Cleaning Accessory Included
  • 1 x Q-Tip Atomizer
  • 1 x Q-Tip 650mAh Battery
  • 2 x Extra Q-Cell Coils (1 Pre-installed)
  • 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Packing Tool
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush