Wotofo Agleted Organic Cotton 10 Pieces

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Wotofo Agleted Organic Cotton is inspired by the ever increasing needs of fast cotton preparation for your rebuilding convenience. The cotton we selected are of long fibers so that it wicks smooth and it's not easy to pull apart. However, that's not the best part, the best part is that we put a sheath on one end of the cotton strip so as to function like the aglet on your shoelace, then it's much easier to thread the cotton through the coils. Each cotton strip is ready-to-use with proper cotton amount especially for most RDAs. The cotton features great absorption capability and better retention ability, freshly packaged to deliver the purest flavor. There are 10 pieces of agleted cotton strips in one little box, convenient to carry around and stored in a clean way.


1. 100% organic cotton
2. Ready-to-use with aglet on one end
3. Long fibers especially selected for vaping
4. Great absorption capability
5. Better retention ability
6. Fresh and clean flavor


Ten Pieces of Wotofo Agleted Organic Cotton

60mm Long by 6mm Diameter
60mm Long by 3mm Diameter